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Sidai Africa is a social enterprise operating in the livestock sector in Kenya. Our aim is to revolutionize the provision of livestock and veterinary services to pastoralists and farmers in Kenya by creating a more sustainable service delivery model.
Founded in 2011, the company aims to establish a network of at least 150 franchised and branded Livestock Service Centres in Kenya by 2015. Each franchise is equipped to provide quality animal health products and professional technical advice to farmers and pastoralists.
All Sidai centres are owned and run by qualified veterinarians, livestock technicians and other livestock professionals.Sidai guarantees the highest quality of products and services to our customers.
Over time new products (vaccines and feeds) and new services (diagnostic tests, financial services and livestock insurance) will be introduced.
We stand by our name
‘Sidai’ means ‘good’ in the Maasai language. The Maasai are renowned livestock keepers in Africa and Sidai is proud of this connection with a community with rich pastoral heritage.
A scalable and sustainable model of service delivery
Sidai is a commercial company that charges farmers a fair price for all its products and services. In this way, Sidai generates revenue to support its delivery of services to underserved communities in remote locations. Sidai believes that this is a more sustainable solution to the challenges of service delivery in rural areas. 
Sidai uses a franchising business model which is widely recognized as an efficient method of business expansion ensuring a consistent quality of goods and services. Franchising also reduces the risks associated with establishing new businesses enhancing their chances of success.
Sidai understands the challenges farmers face finding high-quality products. Sidai has a deep commitment to sourcing and stocking good quality products for its customers and takes all reasonable measures to ensure that the products it purchases are of acceptable quality and are transported and stored appropriately. Sidai trains farmers on how to utilize the products correctly and employs timely measures to address any quality issues that may arise.
Sidai is recognized for the provision of quality products and on-farm services. Each Sidai franchise is owned and staffed by qualified veterinarians and livestock professionals. Sidai places strong emphasis on preventative healthcare and improved livestock management. Our approach combines selling genuine products, giving expert advice and offering value-added services towards helping farmers and pastoralists raise healthy and productive livestock.
‘Tunza mifugo yako’ 
Our creed, ‘Tunza Mifugo Yako’, means ‘Care for your livestock’ in Swahili, the Kenyan national language.  Sidai aims to provide farmers and pastoralists across Kenya with all that they need to care for their livestock and keep them healthy and productive. Livestock are important assets for many rural Kenyans providing food for their families as well as being a vital source of income. Livestock in many cases is the only source of protein in rural families. Sidai is helping Kenyan livestock keepers get the most out of their livestock.

Going the extra mile
Sidai brings services closer to livestock keepers, wherever they are. We offer a range of on-farm services including packages in preventative health care and improved production:
  • fertility and reproduction management leading to `One Calf per Year’ through artificial insemination, pregnancy diagnosis, farmer training in feeding and management;
  • raising healthy calves
  • mastitis control through hygiene
  • improved milk and egg production;
  • tick-borne disease control through vaccination and optimal acaricide use;
  • improved feed production, storage and
  • feed supplementation using molasses urea blocks
What we hope to achieve
The incomes, welfare and household security of 300,000 livestock-keeping households in Kenya will be significantly improved by gaining access to affordable livestock products and services from a quality-controlled, franchise business network of at least 150 outlets.
What Sidai could do for donors, NGOs and other development agencies
Sidai is currently working with the government and development agencies to strengthen existing animal health service providers across Kenya to enable them have a more sustainable animal health service delivery. This offers development agencies a unique and sustainable infrastructure through which they can access communities.
Sidai is able to provide the following services:-
  • Procure and distribute drugs
  • Procure and distribute fodder and feed supplements such as molasses-urea blocks
  • Distribute vaccines through an effective cold chain and provide vaccination services
  • Provide training on animal health to pastoralists
  • Provide data on disease incidence, mortality and morbidity rates, movement of livestock and people, assessment of the drought situation and community needs
  • Serve as a transaction point through which targeted support to communities can be transferred through vouchers or card systems
  • Monitoring, evaluation and ex post follow-up of project interventions
Contributing to improved livestock practice and policy
Critical lessons are being learnt, appropriately documented and shared in order to improve global livestock policy and practice and global access to critical livestock products.
Our network of franchisees work closely with regulators to improve the regulatory environment for veterinary services. The reporting mechanism leads to improved disease surveillance and control which serves to improve the health of the national herd and household welfare.


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