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Our Partners

Development Partners
Equity Bank
Equity Bank has evolved from a Building Society and Microfinance Institution, to now the all inclusive Nairobi Stock Exchange and Uganda Securities Exchange public listed Commercial Bank. With over 6.3 million accounts, accounting for over 57% of all bank accounts in Kenya, Equity Bank is the largest bank in the region in terms of customer base and operates in Uganda and South Sudan and Rwanda.
Equity Bank continues to receive both local and global accolades for its unique and transformational business model. The Bank is credited for taking banking services to the people through its accessible, affordable and flexible service provision.
GALVmed is protecting livestock and saving human lives and livelihoods, by making livestock vaccines, diagnostics and medicines accessible and affordable to the millions in developing countries for whom livestock is a lifeline. Healthier livestock can provide a pathway out of poverty and enhance food security. Livestock is a considerable, but often overlooked, economic driver in the developing world. GALVmed was established in 2005 in Edinburgh and now has offices in Botswana and New Delhi, and representation in Kenya and Malawi. It is a not-for-profit global alliance of public, private and government partners and a registered charity in Scotland.
Kenya Association of Livestock Technicians
The Kenya Association of Livestock Technicians (KALT) is the professional association for livestock technicians and animal health assistants and represents their interests to policymakers.
Kenya Livestock Producers Association
The Kenya Livestock Producers Association (KLPA) was formed with a view to promote a prosperous and cohesive farming community in Kenya by representing, lobbying and advocating for farmers’ interests and building their capacities towards improved rural livelihoods and alleviation of poverty in Kenya. KLPA aims to bring together all livestock Producers from within the Republic of Kenya; lobby and advocacy in policy formulation, implementation and review in agriculture and trade related issues in relevant forums.
Kenya Veterinary Board
The Kenya Veterinary Board in the regulatory body of veterinary professionals in Kenya. To fulfil this role they: register all veterinary surgeons and maintain a register of retained Veterinary Surgeons; licence and regulate private veterinary practice; establish and strengthen veterinary specialist colleges; formulate and enforce a Code of Ethics for the veterinary profession; promote Continuous Professional Development; regulate veterinary education; inspect and accredit animal health training institutions, veterinary laboratories and clinics; maintain a register of animal health Institutions and animal health service providers; monitor research on animals and ensure maintenance of minimum animal welfare standards; provide technical advice to the Ministry in charge of veterinary & livestock matters on prevailing and pertinent issues and promote national, regional and international cooperation on veterinary & livestock matters
Kenya Veterinary Association
The Kenya Veterinary Association (KVA) is the professional association of qualified veterinarians in Kenya. The aims of the KVA are to: safeguard the interest and welfare of its members; to maintain the honour and dignity of the veterinary profession in Kenya; to promote the welfare and health of all animals; to further the advancement of veterinary science and practice and to seek and retain veterinary information and exchange relevant information with other international veterinary bodies.
ADESO: African Development Solutions
Commercial Partners
African Breeders Services (ABS)
African Breeders Services Total Cattle Management, Limited (ABS TCM, Ltd., is a distributor for American Breeders Service (ABS Global,, a world leader in bovine genetics and artificial breeding technology. In Kenya, ABS TCM, Ltd. maintains fully staffed facilities for genetics distribution, liquid nitrogen production and feed analysis laboratory, all backed up with competent teams of milk quality service and nutrition consultants.
Assia Animal Health Limited
Assia Animal Health Limited is a leading supplier of animal health products.
Coopers Kenya Ltd
Cooper K-Brands Ltd is a leading animal health company in East and Central Africa. For more than a century, Coopers has delivered high quality products and solutions for live­stock in the region. It has a strong regional presence through its operation in Tanzania and partners in Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda.
Kenchic Limited is the largest fully integrated poultry company in East and Central Africa with a grandparent operation, broiler and layer parent stock, hatchery, commercial broiler farms and a processing plant. The company has been in operation in Kenya since 1983, and over the years the operation has grown both in product quality and capacity. Currently, the company has a capacity to produce 500,000 commercial day old chicks and 30,000 day old parent stock chicks weekly. The company also produces another 35,000 layer pullets per week. The processing plant has a capacity to process 12,000 birds per day on a one shift basis. Kenchic Limited is recognized internationally through its association with world leading breed suppliers such as Arbor Acres and Hendrix Genetics, for whom Kenchic has the exclusive distribution agreement in East and Central Africa.

Kenchic Limited is the only commercial poultry operation that runs a grand parent operation in East and Central Africa, a clear indication of the very high standards that the company employs in the poultry management practice that ensures healthy disease free stock.
Osho Chemical Industries Ltd
Osho Chemical Industries Limited is a leading Agri-business, Industrial and Public Health company committed to excellence by providing quality products at an affordable price.
Ultravetis is a Kenyan company that supplies farmers with veterinary, animal health and hygiene products and services
Unga Feeds Ltd
Unga Feeds Ltd is Kenya’s largest manufacturer of livestock feeds.
Diagnostics For All
DFA is a non-profit enterprise fusing biotechnology and development, dedicated to creating low-cost, easy-to-use, point-of-care diagnostics designed specifically for the 60% of the developing world that lives beyond the reach of urban hospitals and medical infrastructures. DFA  uses simple and inexpensive devices which require minimal training to use, practically no sample preparation, and no electricity or additional equipment to process a sample. Results are displayed quickly in an easy-to-read format and all devices are compatible with telemedicine networks.
University Of Notre Dame: Marya Lieberman
Sidai Africa has partnered with Marya Lieberman, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Notre Dame,
Marya Lieberman and her collaborators have recently published results that show the effectiveness of an inexpensive paper test card that could fundamentally change the balance of power between pharmaceutical buyers and sellers in the developing world
The paper test cards detect different types of antibiotics and anti-tuberculosis medications. The tests also screen for materials such as flour or chalk that counterfeiters may use to dilute real drugs, and detect inexpensive drugs such as acetaminophen that may be used as substitutes for more expensive medications.


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