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Our Customers

Livestock keepers, particularly those that are under- or poorly-served by existing service providers will make up the Sidai customer base. There will be a particular emphasis given to establishing franchises in locations where livestock services are either not delivered or where only poor quality and/or expensive services are available.
Sidai aims to serve the needs of a range of customers including commercial livestock keepers and revenue from these customers (such as commercial dairy farmers or customers with large herds in pastoralist areas) will ensure the financial viability of each franchise outlet and the overall franchise business.
Other beneficiaries of the business will be franchise holders themselves and their staff, with over many jobs created by the franchise business in four years. Qualified veterinary personnel will be recruited as franchisees; and by including animal health technicians as well as vets, it is hoped that a much higher proportion of women will be able to establish a livestock franchise outlet.
Social Impact
Sidai is a social enterprise with clear social objectives in improving the welfare and income of farmers and pastoralists in Kenya. There are many expected benefits to Sidai customers including:-
  • Reduced wastage from lower livestock mortalityIncreased supply of animal products for home consumption (improved nutrition)
  • Improved household security from lower livestock mortality
  • Time and money saved from improved access to inputs
  • Increased income from improved access to markets (huge knock-on effects on education, wellbeing etc)
  • Access to quality and better priced production services save time and money reduce mortality of livestock, increase productivity, increase nutrition, increase income i.e. better lives, children education focusing on the girl child
  • Access to training and education better animal husbandry, demanding quality
  • Access to other services (‘putting the area on the map’) i.e. new roads, electricity, water, banking, mobile phone, access to new sources of finance.
  • Create employment opportunities /raise profile and demand from school leavers






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